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Baby Steps Swim School

Develop a lifetime love for the water!

Welcome to Baby Steps Swim School!

Develop a love for the water and learn to swim at your own pace by taking baby steps to master your swimming skills!
I run swimming lessons for all ages in a lovely warm private pool at Littlehampton Marina.

The private pool creates a lovely calm environment for parent and child classes and also for adults who are learning to swim or would like to perfect their strokes.

My courses run within the school terms for the following classes:

Parent and Baby/toddler lessons run on 
Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Group Pre-school lessons (for children aged from 3yrs depending on their confidence and ability to follow a teacher led lesson) run on 
Monday, and Friday mornings

Group lessons for all school aged children (wanting to learn to swim or improve their strokes) and beginner lessons for 3yr+ children run on
Friday afternoons 4pm - 6pm 
Saturday mornings 8.30
am - 11.30pm


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