Important General Information


There is parking just outside our unit, however there is also parking opposite the unit by the Boat Storage Yard fence.  If these spaces are also taken then there is additional parking behind Unit 3 opposite the Aqualife unit.  Please do not park in front of any other units. 

Pool Hygiene Requirements

If your child is not fully toilet trained they must wear a double nappy consisting of a disposable swim nappy and a neoprene happy nappy underneath their swim wear until they are fully potty trained.  This is to prevent any toilet accidents in the pool so the pool does not have to be closed for cleaning.   


Nappies are not permitted to be left on site or in the bins so please can you take them home with you  (The Department of Health deems used nappies to be offensive/hygiene waste).

Please also do not feed your children within an hour of your lesson to avoid any sickness in the pool.


If your child has had any diarrhea or sickness bugs they must be free from illness for at least 48 hours (after their final symptoms) before returning to the lessons.


If your child has a heavy cold, sinusitis or an ear infection we recommend they do not swim.


If your child contracts chicken pox they are not allowed to return to the lessons until all the sore have fully dried and scabbed over.

Costumes and Goggles

Costumes must be full costumes for girls and trunks for boys, T shirts or long sleeve tops such as rash vests and UV sun protection tops can be worn for added comfort when wearing a buoyancy belt.  If your child has long hair please can you tie it back or they can wear a swim hat.

Goggles can be worn however please can you adjust them to fit your child before the start of the lesson.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

It is not the responsibility of Baby Steps Swim School to look after pupils prior to their arrival on the poolside or once they have left.


To keep the changing rooms clean and hygienic, please use the shoe covers or remove all outdoor shoes before walking on poolside.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for children in the changing area.


Please be changed and ready to start on time for the lesson and wait in reception until the previous class has left the poolside.


If your child is swimming please do not leave the premises during the lesson and ensure you are there to collect them at the end.


Please inform the teacher if someone else is collecting your child.

Please do not let your child play on the steps, run around on poolside or play with the swimming equipment.

If you have any queries then please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible, I'm afraid I will not be able to answer queries when teaching due to time constraints.



Aqualife Swim Centre
Unit 1B
Littlehampton Marina
Ferry Road
West Sussex
BN17 5DS
Ali Beyer
Mobile number:  07565 437982